CBD bei Mens Beschwerden

CBD for mens ailments

CBD for menstrual cramps 

Ladies, are you tired of being told to have tea and just go for a walk when you feel like your uterus is being trampled on by a T-Rex? Good news: There's a promising pain reliever for menstrual cramps: marijuana. No, not the illegal "street weed," but a reputable and science-based cannabis-derived product called CBD. 

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and menstrual pain: a real ordeal for women

What is PMS? It's a plethora of different symptoms that start a week or two before a woman's period starts. While uterine contractions and hormonal changes are responsible for menstrual pain and symptoms, even scientists are unable to pinpoint the cause of this pain. The truth is that there is no logic or justification for the torment that nature inflicts on women. 

Three out of four people experience menstrual pain before or during their period. Empirical research shows that at least one in four women reports excruciating menstrual pain that requires medication and causes them to stay away from study or social activities. A professor of reproductive health even compared menstrual pain to "almost as bad as a heart attack." Science is unequivocal: Women on their periods need pain relief!

Relief from menstrual cramps: CBD against pain

Although research in this area is not that long, the properties of cannabidiol (CBD) look very promising. Unlike traditional anti-inflammatory drugs, CBD products do not cause unwanted side effects such as stomach problems and are effective against severe pain.

Our bodies are full of cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoids like CBD react with these receptors, reducing inflammation and pain. In addition to relieving period cramps, CBD oils and products also relieve menstrual symptoms like migraines, sore breasts, and lower back pain.

Another important but underappreciated function of CBD is its anti-anxiety effects. Reducing stress and tension can play a significant role in reducing the intensity of menstrual pain and PMS.

Do you know your CBDs for mens ailments?

The most effective products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound found in the hemp plant that induces a "high." Together, CBD and THC have been shown to be effective against both acute and chronic pain. Products containing both compounds thoroughly combat spasms and are referred to as “full-spectrum CBD.” 



In addition, broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC, but contains other components of the cannabis plant. For those who want to avoid psychoactive effects and a positive drug test, this type is ideal!

Isolated CBD is the purest form of CBD, containing no other compound from the hemp plant. This form actively reduces pain and swelling. Isolated CBD also helps with anxiety and sleep problems.

How exactly does CBD work for mens ailments?

  • For those who prefer isolated CBD, pure oil is the perfect CBD for menstrual ailments. By relieving inflammation, CBD oils work right at the root of the problem. A few drops in your coffee or smoothie and you're good to go. It may be a bit bitter, but then you know you've used real cannabis oil. It will also taste a little "hicky".
  • If you have problems with your back or certain muscles before or during your menstrual period, you can opt for a gel, balm or cream that works specifically. Add a few drops of CBD oil to your moisturizer to get rid of hormonal acne!
  • If you prefer a measured dosage, a pill or capsule would be the best option. This is a safe and beneficial way of taking it by mouth with the right amount of pain reliever for your cramps.
  • It may sound strange, but CBD-infused tampons give you just the right dose of pain relief in the right place. When inserted, they activate cannabinoid receptors in the vagina, inhibiting the inflammation that triggers painful periods. That's targeted pain relief, right?
  • Do you feel adventurous? Try a CBD lube! CBD lubes relieve period pain, menstrual cramps, and painful sex. Mind you: CBD-containing lube doesn't numb the pain, but rather stimulates blood flow and helps manage anxiety (in this case, especially about sex during your period).
  • The most well-known way is to simply smoke the CBD grass. It's best enjoyed in good company.

Consult your doctor before using CBD products or oils.

Women's daily lives are impacted by PMS and period pains on a monthly basis. CBD products and oils are a new yet soothing approach to dealing with the diverse range of pain, spasms and moods. What is interesting is that there are different methods of consuming CBD products.

Menstrual cramps and symptoms are unavoidable. So why not give CBD products and oils a try? CBD for mens ailments can prove to be a very good alternative. As already mentioned, you can also smoke the CBD as an herb or "phytoinhale" it with a Vaporizer vaporize and inhale.