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What is Viweedy

Viweedy GmbH is a young, innovative company specializing in the production and sale of quality cannabis products. Founded in 2017 by Metin Ilker Tug and Jamil Michael Wenzel, Viweedy GmbH puts customer satisfaction first. The company therefore attaches great importance to comprehensive advice for its customers.

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The employees of Viweedy GmbH work hand in hand to ensure the highest quality. The working atmosphere is very good, which is reflected in the high motivation of the employees.

Our aim is to offer you the best shopping experience and we take the necessary time for each customer.

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In addition to the qualitative products, Viweedy GmbH also has a modern production facility with a laboratory in which quality controls are carried out regularly.

This commitment enables Viweeedy GmbH to offer its customers the best possible cannabis products.

Quality is our highest claim.

Viweedy is totally dedicated to cannabis and prides itself on their quality products.

That's what our satisfied customers say. We hope you will be one of them soon.

The Viweedy Team

Metin Ilker Tug

Basel or London? Metin couldn't decide for a long time. Then it was Basel and Metin got his diploma as a marketing assistant. With this know-how and his research skills, Metin Viweedy now keeps marketing and legal up to date. Metin discovered his passion for hemp at the tender age of 20. It was love at first train!

In 2016 he dealt intensively with the legal changes regarding cannabis and CBD. When there were important changes in the law in 2016 and CBD cannabis was legalized, he decided to go looking for a partner. He finally found it in Jamil.

A concept and business plan were quickly drafted and implemented together. The store opened on August 19, 2017 and the webshop went live in early 2018.

Jamil Michael Wenzel

Jamil has a Masters in Immunobiology and still wonders what he was thinking. Instead of spending his time with genes, antibodies and blood groups, Jamil preferred to put on "great music" as a DJ and earned his daily bread as an event organizer and with his own projects.

Even as a teenager, Jamil wanted to work in a hemp shop. With Viweedy, this dream has finally come true. And studying biology wasn't entirely useless. Now he can contribute his specialist knowledge and curiosity for knowledge and science to the business and, above all, to competently support customers and give them expert advice.

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