CBD gegen Schmerzen

CBD for pain


CBD for Pain – What Does It Really Do?

It sounds too good to be true! Just take a bit of CBD for pain and you'll feel better!

It doesn't matter whether it's a headache, menstrual pain, back pain, toothache or chronic pain. 

Is CBD really an effective weapon against pain here, or does it not live up to the hype? We're going to take a closer look at that in today's article.

CBD for pain - that's what science says 

We would now like to explain to you in detail how and why CBD helps against pain. The truth is, however, that science and research do not yet know that for sure. But there is very interesting study results (1), showing that the endocannabinoid system is instrumental in regulating pain. The CB2 receptors in particular play a key role here and seem to be able to relieve pain of all kinds.

Pain relief with the endocannabinoid anandamide

One particularly promising pain reliever in CBD is the endocannabinoid anandamide. Scientists suspect that anandamide is involved not only in the regulation of pain but also in the development of hunger. When anandamide stores are low, chronic pain can develop. By taking CBD, the stores are replenished.


What pain does CBD help with?

In a very exciting study from 2018 (2) it has been shown that CBD (or rather cannabinoids in general) can provide relief for various types of pain. Afterwards we would like to share with you what our own experiences are on this, but first let’s talk about the different types of pain that can be treated very well with CBD according to this study.

CBD for nerve pain (neuropathic pain) 

This type of pain is very excruciating and difficult to endure. The nerve is directly involved and keeps firing signals. Multiple sclerosis is a classic neuropathic pain. Just like diabetic neuropathy. A total of 6% of Germans suffer from this type of pain on a regular basis and CBD has the potential to relieve severe pain for many people here.

CBD against inflammatory pain

Inflammatory pain accounts for the majority of the different types of pain. A healing cut, an inflammation in the mouth or migraines (can) be counted among the inflammatory pain. Since CBD can not only relieve pain, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect at the same time, the whole thing is worth trying twice here.

cbd gegen migräne


CBD for pressure pain

A very extreme form of pressure pain is pain experienced by tumor patients. But abdominal cramps, which many women experience during their period, can also be counted as pressure pain. CBD can also help with this type of pain.


CBD for chronic pain

Chronic pain is very debilitating for sufferers. The nervous system has “learned” the pain, and even when the root cause of the pain is eliminated, the nervous system is still firing pain stimuli to the brain. According to the study mentioned above, CBD has the ability to interrupt the transmission of pain and thus "unlearn" chronic pain again.

CBD against pain - We have had this experience

Everyone is different and of course we cannot give any guarantees that CBD will help against your pain. What we can say is that we know of hundreds of testimonials from people who have successfully used CBD for pain

Is CBD an alternative to classic pain therapy?

Around 20% of Germans now suffer from pain on a regular basis. Many take medications with serious side effects. Unfortunately, often with moderate success. The medication doesn't always help. CBD is an additional tool in the suitcase, which is well tolerated by the body and does not burden the liver in normal doses. We know of users who take CBD in addition to their pain medication for more effective pain relief. Others can greatly reduce the amount and dose of medications containing CBD, or even discontinue medications altogether.

Alternatively, you can smoke the CBD grass in the classic way or vaporize it with a vaporizer and take the active ingredients as you like.

Please inform yourself comprehensively for your specific case and speak to an expert you trust before you come to a decision.


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