Hanf, Cannabis, Marihuana & Haschisch:  Wo liegt der Unterschied?

Hemp, cannabis, marijuana & hashish: what's the difference?


Hemp, cannabis, marijuana & hashish:

What's the difference?


Sure, you can smoke anything. But do the various terms differ at all? Or do hemp, marijuana & Co. all mean the same thing? We enlighten you!


Cannabis & hemp

There is no difference here. Cannabis is just the Latin word for hemp. In many countries, however, “cannabis” has established itself as a collective term for all hemp plants and THC products.


Marijuana & hashish

Marijuana (or weed) denotes the dried flowers of the female hemp plant. The resin from which cannabinoids such as THC or CBD are obtained is located on the glandular hairs of the flower. And hashish? Hashish refers to the collected (and often pressed) resin of the hemp plant.


Pretty easy, isn't it?