Räucherwerk: Wie räuchere ich richtig?

Incense: How do I incense correctly?

Incense: How do I incense correctly?


incense: Some associate it with prayers and connections to the kingdom of heaven, others joke that incense cannot smell. Here's the thing: Ancient Egypt, India, and South Asia all had good reasons for burning incense. 

Incense Backgrounds  

Judging by the traditional practices of the East, incense was essential for the spiritual journey and for aesthetic, religious and cultural reasons. 

Nowadays it is used to relax from stressful everyday life. It has been proven that the scent of incense has a positive influence on our psyche. So why not choose a simple but effective way to cleanse the atmosphere and positively influence your mood? Use incense to purify your space and mind. 


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Frankincense comes in different forms. While lighting an incense stick may seem easy, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you get the most out of incense products at home:

 incense sticks

Admittedly, lighting an incense stick correctly is not rocket science.


RäucherwerkThe incense materials are so different.

  • First, invest in an incense burner that will catch the falling ash. 

  • Gently insert the stick into the burner and light the end of the stick until a flame begins to burn. 

  • Make sure the incense stick is properly lit before gently blowing or fanning out the flame. 

  • The tip of the stick should be glowing red and a fine, fragrant smoke should be coming out of it. 

Choose a location that is a safe distance from flammable materials and out of the reach of children and pets. 

Incense Cones

Don't let the shape of the incense cones intimidate you.

  • Hold the incense cone with one hand or tweezers and light the pointed end with a match or lighter. 

  • Make sure a small flame ignites the cone before gently fanning or blowing it out. 

  • A glowing ember should form where the flame was burning. If you notice the tip of the incense cone glowing red and a thin, faint plume of smoke emerging, you've done a good job!  

  • You can now place the incense cone in an incense stick holder. 

If you're using backflow incense cones, don't panic! The smoke will exit at the back of the cones where you should see a hole. Backflow incense cones are hollow in the center, allowing the smoke to flow in the opposite direction than typical incense cones. Just make sure the hole at the bottom of the backflow incense cone lines up with the hole at the seat of your incense stick. Then you should be able to enjoy an aromatic atmosphere. 

Frankincense Grains

Incense in its most natural form - incense grains or "church incense" - should be lit on a burner.

  • The first step is to light a piece of charcoal. Make sure it fits in your incense burner. Wait 3-5 minutes for the charcoal to turn gray. 

  • Now you can place the incense pellets on the glowing charcoal. 

  • If using an oil burner, light a tea light on the bottom layer to heat the incense seeds on the top layer. Cover the top layer with aluminum foil.

The burning time is about two hours.

Lignum vitae

Palo Santo, or "holy wood" has pungent yet sweetly scented properties that create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

  • To light Palo Santo wooden sticks, use a lighter, match, or candle. 

  • Hold the chopstick down at a 45 degree angle. 

  • Be sure to blow out the flame before placing the wand in a heatproof dish to allow the scent to disperse in the air.

Never leave burning Palo Santo unattended.

incense bundle

This bundle of herbs produces an aromatic smoke that, when lit properly, purifies the atmosphere and the body.


RäucherbündelIncense sticks to clean the room

  • After opening the windows or door, place the incense stick on an incense tray or other non-flammable container. 

  • Light one end of the incense stick with a match or lighter. Wait for it to die down properly before dousing the flame to release the smoke. 

  • Slowly walk through each room to spread the smoke in all directions.

  • Alternatively, you can go from room to room with a larger bundle.

 Add positivity and peace to your personal space by burning joss sticks, incense, or an incense stick at home at least once a week.

 There are countless scents and aromas of incense products, especially if you live in Switzerland and want to light a heavenly scented incense at home in Basel, for example. at Viweedy you will find it.

 IMPORTANT: Do you have any special allergies or other individual health concerns? Please consult your doctor before using incense at home. 

 Caution: Dogs and some other animals may not respond well to incense sticks. Contact your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual after lighting incense at home.