Cannabis wird von der Liste der gefährlichsten Drogen gestrichen – Hanfjournal

Cannabis is removed from the list of the most dangerous drugs - Hemp Journal

Real change is really difficult. It took Anslinger-Nixon-Ehrlichmann (and their Prohibitionist accomplice heirs) decades to build the "System Prohibition". The so-called "war on drugs" was and is "the" global strategic money printing machine and a geopolitical instrument of power. An insane perpetual motion machine of death, suffering, injustice and, huge profits for Prohibition beneficiaries...

@WE here have to fuss around in the "lowlands" of artificially created criminalization, while pharmaceutical giants and money launderers (i.e. the owner networks of structures worldwide) swim in gold dust like "Scrooge McDucks" - and we from the judiciary and the "ULTIMA RATIO" the get spanked! While the police help (unknowingly?) the so-called "OK" (TOO BIG TO FAIL/JAIL) to maximize the profits of the black market created with it.


And the so-called "pothead" or the "pothead", as they call themselves, is epigenetically programmed for 70 years to "keep your head down and shut up"? At least that's how it seems to me sometimes. 😀 That's why action - cross-party - is hip.

The conservatives are not allowed to give the important future issue of the re-legalization of hemp (and its possibilities) for the future of our children and grandchildren - "hemp on the fields - save the forests" - to the Left, the Greens or the FDP and certainly not to the AFD left (alone). This requires leaders with a lot of backbone. 😀

If they want to secure an absolute majority for years, they only have to “legalize”, i.e. terminate the crime of prohibition and the unjust treaty “single agreement”. A US President recently showed how easy it is to terminate contracts. So it works! Why do people in Germany have such a hard time with “unjust contracts”?
Who goes there, takes action, demonstrates, writes to MPs, invites the press...?

Public hearing on the motion of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE.

"Equality for cannabis and alcohol-consuming driving license holders" (BT-Drs. 19/17612)

Image: Plants grow in a greenhouse.

Time: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m
Location: Berlin, Paul-Löbe-Haus, meeting room E 600

The left wants to put drivers who have drunk alcohol on an equal footing with those who have consumed cannabis. Your application (19/17612) is the subject of a public hearing by the Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure on Wednesday 24 February 2021. The meeting, chaired by Cem Özdemir (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), begins at 11 a.m. in meeting room E 600 of the Paul Löbe House in Berlin and lasts around two and a half hours.

The session will be +++ live +++ on the internet transfer.

request of the left

As with alcohol consumption, according to the ideas of the left, only people should be sanctioned in the case of cannabis consumption who actually drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated and thus endanger road safety. Parliament should therefore call on the Federal Government to ensure, by amending the Driving License Ordinance, that a driver's license cannot be revoked solely on the basis of established use or illegal possession of illegal drugs, but only if a dependency disorder has been diagnosed, or if there is a specific risk to the driver's health caused by drug use Road traffic or if repeated traffic violations according to Section 24a of the Road Traffic Act (permille limit) have been committed.

According to the parliamentary group, the reason for the application is the decision of the Federal Administrative Court in April 2019 that in the case of an occasional cannabis user, "the driving license authority generally cannot assume that he or she is unfit to drive without further clarification and can immediately withdraw his or her driving license" (judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of April 11, 2019). April 2019. File number: 3 C 13.17). (hau/08.02.2021)

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We, as DIE HANFINITIATIVE, want us and our children and grandchildren to experience and expect a liveable and healthy present and future.
We are therefore active in many ways and also research facts and put them up for debate.
We also represent our own values, opinions, emotions and insights.
Please review our facts and conclusions and draw your own conclusions once you have done your research.
If you agree that we must act, please take action.
Support our cause or set up your own initiatives and activities.
Do it for yourself and for the future of your children and grandchildren.
Show empathy.
Thanks so much.

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