Kein Maulkorb für Richter und Cannabis-Aktivist Andreas Müller – Hanfjournal

No muzzle for judge and cannabis activist Andreas Müller - Hanfjournal

Frankfurt/Oder regional court rejects application for bias against the juvenile judge from Bernau as unfounded

The Frankfurt/Oder public prosecutor's application to exclude Judge Andreas Müller from cannabis trials in the future due to bias failed last Friday. The presiding judge saw it as unfounded that Mueller, because of his commitment to cannabis legalization, did not have the required neutrality when it came to sentencing cannabis offenders.

The public prosecutor's office used two criminal proceedings before the district court of Bernau, which Müller im September 2019 had suspended in order to have the Federal Constitutional Court examine in a norm control procedure whether the cannabis ban is constitutional at all. The trip to Karlsruhe and Muellers public performance for a release of hemp finally forced the public prosecutor's office to question Müller's neutrality.

The public prosecutor's office can still appeal against the district court's decision not to muzzle Müller for the time being.

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