Berliner SPD lockt Wähler mit Pro-Cannabis-Agenda – Hanfjournal

Berlin SPD lures voters with pro-cannabis agenda – Hanfjournal

At the state party conference, the SPD speaks out in favor of model projects for the controlled release of cannabis

At the end of September, Berlin will elect a new House of Representatives. At the weekend, the three governing parties in Berlin, the SPD, the Left and the Greens, gave the go-ahead for their election campaigns at their party conferences. The top candidates have been chosen and the text modules of the election promises have been memorized.

The fact that the Left and the Greens are calling for the decriminalization of cannabis users in their election programs is not surprising - but the SPD's change of course, which suddenly new tones proposes and calls for model projects for the controlled sale of cannabis. In the debate on the last-minute amendment, there was agreement that the election program should be supplemented accordingly.

"It's a question of health policy, not security policy," said Andreas Geisel at the state party conference. the Interior Senator argued that the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults would relieve the police and free up capacity for the fight against hard drugs.

The deputy head of the federal SPD Kevin Kühnert also spoke out in favor of the application: “We are not voting for or against drug use here. It is a social reality. But we have to answer the question of the framework in which this should take place.” Kühnert referred to the Netherlands as a positive example.

The text of the amendment was accepted with a large majority of 201 votes to 20. The election program of the Berlin SPD now says: “We stand for a progressive cannabis policy. Therefore, we want to continue to carry out a scientifically supported model project for the controlled supply of cannabis to adults. If the federal legal framework for this is still lacking, the SPD Berlin is committed to ensuring that such pilot projects are legally protected. DrugChecking is being set up.”

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