Studie: Programmierer kiffen gern während der Arbeit – Hanfjournal

Study: Programmers like to smoke weed at work - Hanfjournal

The researchers asked programmers about their consumer behavior

The researchers one new study got fed up with it at some point: they kept hearing somewhere that programmers were stoned all the time. Reason enough for the researchers to get to the bottom of it and set up a study. 803 programmers were asked about the consumption of cannabis during working hours.

Another reason for the study is the ongoing pressure from companies that offer regular drug testing. However, this is actually causing a shortage of jobs - not only in the IT sector. Even the FBI is considering being more lax here, with many wanting to smoke a joint on the way to an interview. The study quotes FBI Director James Comey for this.

The results are indeed surprising: no less than 35% of respondents indicated that they had already used cannabis while programming or engaged in some other task in the IT field. A full 73% of respondents had used marijuana at work. Almost half do this monthly, 27 percent twice a week and four percent even stated almost every day to consume cannabis.

Part of the study was also to find out why programmers smoke pot so much. A connection was found between the effects of cannabis and the type of work. Cannabis was used particularly often for brainstorming, coding and testing the codes, i.e. for creative tasks. The programmers themselves also gave reasons – it became clear here that for most people the programming work was more fun when smoking weed and more creative solutions could be found.

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