THC negativ trotz Konsum – The Body Detoxer von Geshlen

THC negative despite consumption – The Body Detoxer von Geshlen

Most cannabis users know someone in their personal circle who has had problems with the authorities over the plant. In many cases, there are difficulties with the driver's license. Because in the case of offenses associated with cannabis consumption, the driver's license office is often informed. Often, when there is suspicion, an immediate urine test is demanded during traffic checks under unworthy conditions.

Although there are repeated initiatives to no longer abuse the driving license law as a substitute criminal law for cannabis users or at least to equate the conditions to those of alcohol abuse in road traffic, the efforts failed miserably due to the narrow-minded attitude of decision-makers who mostly belonged to conservative parties. The creation of The Body Detoxer could be seen as a result of this injustice.

What is The Body Detox?

The Body Detoxer was originally designed as a liquid product. In the meantime further developed, capsules are now available. As the term "detoxer" suggests, it is a dietary supplement that detoxifies the body. The The Body Detoxer capsules contain over 80 minerals and trace elements. With an excellent bioavailability, the high-quality active substances can be utilized very well.

How does The Body Detoxer break down THC?

The body cannot utilize all the active ingredients contained in the capsules. When storing the valuable minerals, the less valuable breakdown products of THC make space for them. As a result, these will soon be excreted in the urine after consumption. That is why the build-up phase, the first days and weeks of use, is so important, as the user replaces the THC breakdown products in the body with the minerals from the capsules.

The use of the capsules

There are 180 capsules in a pack of The Body Detoxer. In the build-up phase, which can last from a few days to several weeks, two capsules are taken three times a day, each after meals. In the later course, the intake is reduced to a maximum of four capsules a day. So once the build-up phase is done, a pack lasts for several months.

Since every person is different in terms of their physical condition and consumption behavior, and since different daily forms have to be taken into account, the need for The Body Detoxer capsules is also individually different. People with a low body fat percentage are lucky, it works easier and easier for them, so their build-up phase is shorter and the basic need is lower. The package contents of The Body Detoxer capsules also contain three urine tests with which the success of the intake can be checked.

No ban on consumption in the build-up phase

Of course, it is usually advisable not to consume cannabis if you have proof of abstinence to prove your driving licence get back or keep. However, during the build-up phase of The Body Detoxer, you don't necessarily have to do without cannabis. The moderate consumption can be compensated in this phase and the THC is excreted with the urine after a few hours. Of course, once the build-up phase is complete, a test soon after using cannabis will be positive for THC, but it should be negative between 10 and 24 hours later.

The Body Detoxer can do even more

Avoiding a positive THC screen isn't the only reason to reach for The Body Detoxer capsules. Because when you take it, you also regulate the acid-base balance in the body, you optimize your pH value, so to speak. In addition, the ingredients in The Body Detoxer have a detoxifying effect, promote the elimination of harmful substances and supply the body with minerals and trace elements that can increase well-being.

The capsules are therefore ideally suited to be integrated into the user's everyday routines and offer benefits for both body and mind. The body takes advantage of the purifying, detoxifying and health-promoting effects, while the mind can relax knowing that you will be THC-free in no time Urine test can submit.

The Body Detoxer by Geschlen has already been tested several times, not least by independent magazines. Nevertheless, curiosity requires that Hanf Magazin convince itself of the effect in its own test. Depending on the length of the individual development phase, there will be a video update on YouTube for this test. Subscribe to stay up to date Hemp Magazine YouTube Channel or visit our social media profiles regularly.

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