Münchener Polizist wird vom Kollegen beim Kiffen erwischt – Hanfjournal

Munich police officer is caught smoking weed by his colleague – Hanfjournal

23-year-old police officer suspended for smoking pot

According to the authorities, the “biggest drug scandal among the Munich police” is going on in Munich the prosecutor speaks of a "manifestation of audacity". Because in the old town guard alone, around ten officials were currently suspended from duty because of smoking weed in public. Including a young officer.

The 23-year-old police officer was caught by his colleagues smoking weed in a park one evening in March. The colleagues noticed the scent of the cannabis and examined the young officer. The 23-year-old mentioned without being asked that he was also a police officer and that he also had cannabis at home. The colleagues then examined the young police officer's apartments and found 15 grams of cannabis. The 23-year-old was charged with possession of narcotics. The public prosecutor's office also sent him a penalty order with 60 daily rates of 70 euros each. And as if that wasn't enough, police headquarters suspended him from duty. The young police chief, however, lodged an objection to the penalty order and so a hearing was held before the district court.

On Tuesday, judge Melanie Piesker said: "Walking around openly with a joint when other people see you and maybe know you as a police officer is bold and gives a bad image to the outside world." Even if the use of marijuana is soon legalized, "I can't imagine that your employer would be happy to see you smoking weed in public."

The suspended officer explained his behavior and mentioned the problems he was having. He was also in inpatient therapy for two months.

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